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Washington State Jerky



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The Largest Selection of EXOTIC JERKY!

Our current options:

Python Jerky

Alpaca Jerky

Rabbit Jerky

Snapping Turtle Jerky

Camel Jerky

Alligator Jerky

Duck Jerky

Kangaroo Jerky

Our exotic meat jerky each has its own distinct meat flavor that is enhanced by our family's award-winning proprietary recipes, all natural preservatives, and a dedication to delectable, protein-packed, delicious jerky -- satisfaction guaranteed!

Exotic Meat is non-amenable, and classified by the USDA, FDA and NASDA into "Meat Groups". USDA's Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) dictates Meat Groups require "Voluntary USDA Inspections", a fee-based service paid for by the supplier(s) of the exotic meats (i.e., Ranch, Farm, Huter, Trapper, or whatever sources/supplies the meat).
Amenable USDA FSIS are performed on a' fee-free' basis. FSIS includes the well-being and humane treatment of animals in both pre-mortem and post-mortem food safety inspections.

All 50 States have a State Department of Agriculture
Only 29 States have a "Meat and Poultry Inspection (including eggs)" (MPI) department, agency, service, or office (A few states only perform Meat Inspections - but not Poultry and Eggs Inspections). Rather, within their State Department of Agriculture, which presides over the State's meat, poultry, and egg supply chains' safety and inspections programs', sets forth state mandated standards and regulations, and can levy fines or assess penalties for being out of compliance at the State level, in addition to the USDA's FSIS response to non-compliance.
This results in more focus on maintaining proper compliance with State regulations, (which presumes the supply is also in Federal compliance) to avoid being fined, penalized, or shut down.
The other 21 States, including Washington State, have opted into having their State Departments of Agriculture, via their National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) Representative, partner with the USDA, FDA, other regulatory agencies, and industry leaders, to oversee their states' meat, poultry, and egg supply chains' food safety inspections. There is no State level food safety inspection program within these States' Departments of Agriculture, instead only the USDA's FSIS applies.
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